I’ll ask permission soon…

One of my friends moved to England about a year ago. Another moved there this summer. So Allie and I were talking about going over to see them, and also so as to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a theme park because In Eirinn we have none 😦 Lots of sadface..

And we said to each other that we wouldn’t just talk about it and not do it. So we are going to do it. We have booked tickets. We’re going to Alton Towers, we’re also going to see The Cat Empire and I’m listening to them now and how absolutely lovely. I’m looking forward to going on this trip so much. It’s going to be crazy. We’re bringing two guys with us too, an ex from the days of not having serious relationships, who will be handy to have as he’s 18. And another guy who has the same name, spelled differently. And we’re meeting the two friends who have moved away. So it should be a great experience. I’ve tried planning going to other countries to visit foreign friends but it just hasn’t worked out.

And now this! It’s so great! And not even too expensive which is good considering my, complete lack of pennies.

The only issue is that I haven’t actually got my parents permission yet…

So that could be a problem.

Oh well, I’m the one with my passport at the moment, got a handful of cash (I had to use my “college fund”-hah! to pay for school stuff this year and he paid me back) and a with bit of entrepreneurial work I should manage this. O.o


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