Nice guys don’t last

What is up with that? What I mean is, some one starts off seeming like a lovely person, a genuinely nice guy, and then BAM! It was just me being gullible.
I met A for the first time while sitting at a mates house with a couple of friends. He came in and offered us all a beer, and we accepted. But horror! I got the warm one, something I do not enjoy. I made a silly sad face and A gave a good natured eye-roll and gave me his (cold) one.

Well that’s a good first impression. Shame it didn’t last…

He had just been in a long relationship, that would be a good sign, right?

And everybody loves him. Literally, not one person I know would have a bad word to say about him. He’s funny and everyone likes his jokes. He looks after his mates. He makes sure a girl has got some one to walk her home, and would do it himself but he doesn’t want her boyfriend to get worried. So he’l just use his last credit to try and contact said boyfriend to come and walk his girlfriend back. He showers regularly and is so generous.

So we start being a bit of a couple, but he doesn’t want anything serious because he’s just been in a relationship. And hurrah, neither do I cause I’ve just come out of one too. So we mostly hang out on the weekends, get fucked together, but it’s nice to have some one who looks after me when I’m off my head, nice to have some one to share a hangover with.

But then I start noticing that when we’re out he sort of doesn’t talk to me. But he’s still brilliant to everyone else, it’s probably just cause he’s taking stuff. And oh look, we go back to his, he makes me tea and we watch a film in bed, then it gets so late there is only paid programming on and we laugh unbearably at how ridiculous some of the adds are. But the next day I don’t get a kiss goodbye.

I ask him what he’s doing on the weekend, he says he’s going to a techno night. I ask him about meeting up, he says if I go to that he’l probably see me. I ask where he’s staying, he doesn’t know, brushes me off. Later I’m at a friends and it turns out he’s staying there. I stay some where else.

Don’t talk to him for around a week, see him on the weekend but he doesn’t look at me, doesn’t talk to me. Repeated the next night and day. I ask him on facebook if we are over then. He doesn’t reply even though he is clearly online.

And that’s it. Haven’t heard a thing. He just finished whatever we were without talking to me at all. And the truth is I hadn’t invested myself and neither had he, we weren’t serious. But… I can’t understand why some one so nice wouldn’t even have the courtesy to reply to a fucking facebook chat. And also, what a waste. If we had just been friends we would still be now, but we can’t even do the staying friends thing that ex’s do cause we aren’t really anything, and anyway he ignores me.

So typical..


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