Reasons to be quiet and listen and watch

The school bus is a manic place. It used to be a hierarchy with the older students sitting at the back, it was raised,  forcing young ones to get up on the stairs and sing stupid songs, or dance or that kind of thing.

There was also a huge tradition of “getting” people for their birthday, but it was worse than that sounds. People would get a bottle, fill it with eggs, milk, flour, dirt, orange juice, crusts…And leave it. Then when somebody had a birthday there was a waiting potion of gone-off foodstuffs to cover them with. A less vile method was getting a few boxes of eggs, gone off sometimes, and then when the lucky birthday person was coated, literally, shirts gone translucent sort of thing, they would be covered with flour. Then they would have to sit the whole bus ride back letting it dry on them. Yuck. I avoided this by never letting anyone but the closest of my friends know my birthday. Not everyone was so prudent.

Nowadays, I am one of the older students and..We’re lovely. I admit it can be tempting to intimidate the younger kids cause they are so disgustingly cocky, they show no respect and swear a ridiculous amount. They fill up the isle of the bus, cause traffic jams, ugh. But I try not to be like that cause  like being a nice person. It’s just that when I was young we would jump put of the way in the corridor.  My age group can’t be the learning experience that they were when I was young. we’re all stoners now, and I mean that quite literally. There is a bit of messing around, being boisterous in the halls but nothing like it used to be. There is a marked difference. People 2 years older who stayed back even, are closer to following the old tradition; jump on one kid, knock him down, jump on him again. Disgusting behaviour really… And then 2 years below, they are part of the group who came into secondary school like they owned it, with no one to tell them different. Ah well…

Today I sat at the back because there was no room up front where I normally sit-not being bothered walking all the way down there for no reason. I sat by the window, silently watching the countryside. And what did I see but a giant rainbow. It was lovely, I wish I could have shared it. But what with being so self absorbed, I doubt anyone else witnessed it.

I walked silently home, looking around, and saw a lovely sight. Some one walking in the wet, being offered a lift by some one in a car.

In the hedgerow, there are plenty of blackberries. Not to my taste particularly. Then I saw… Two wild strawberries! So so lovely 🙂

Has the act of being quiet and watching and listening ever given you a gift of beauty?



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4 responses to “Reasons to be quiet and listen and watch

  1. tridecalogism

    I spend my whole life quietly watching and listening. Everyone I know thinks this is weird or a Bad Thing. But I like staring into space without saying a word.

  2. Well everyone you know must be a fool O.o because I enjoy it too 🙂 I like thinking about things. Apparently the most used words in my vocabulary are “Imagine if…” 😛

    • tridecalogism

      Well, not fools. Just very…extroverted. They just don’t get it. They scare me to death. I only know one other shy person, so socialising is difficult. Sometimes I get pats on the head though (I’m very small).
      Of course, I have a lot of enemies who think that I must be punished for being unique. Arseholes.
      I liked what you said about the younger years. First Years today are way to cocky. They don’t fear their elders at all. Not even the teachers. What some of them need is a damn good thrashing. He he!

      • Well with me it depends on the situation I’m in cause sometimes I can be all… Loud and stuff. But not really :/ And Yes! I, too, am quite small, although I suspect I’m actually normal-size and everyone else is a bit too big :/
        Oh, I don’t like people like that -.- Most people are pretty nice to my face though.
        Haha yeah they do 😛 We should go and beat them all over the shop 😛

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