The weather has been an almighty load of piss today and these last few days. In Home Economics in school we were discussing smoking, and our teacher asked if there was anyone who smoked or had smoked before but didn’t anymore. Needless to say (but I will anyway) there was not a person who admitted it, although I know for a fact there are smokers who sat in abashed silence, avoiding eye contact. Because it’s a stupid thing to do right?

And now smoking is banned in so many places. My teacher thinks this is a good thing, because it means there are less social smokers and it’s anti-social to smoke and you have to go outside and huddle in the cold (,the rainy weather was what brought the subject up). In my opinion though, this could be the reason that some people smoke. Because if you are hanging out with your friends and most of them leave to go and smoke, you feel left out, but you don’t have a reason to go with them. Smoking becomes quite cliquey and there is a sense of family and endurance shared by the smokers, and non-smokers could feel left out.







I am against smoking, and always have been, but this view of the bans has occurred to me because oftentimes I am the only one in a group of people who doesn’t smoke. I have resisted this far, and I intend to stay like this because smoking tobacco seems pointless to me, especially with the other costs of daily living, and socializing and all that..

Peace out 😉



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3 responses to “Smoking

  1. tridecalogism

    Good for you for resisting smoking. Young people can be both very mature and very immature at the same time. Personally, I wouldn’t really smoke or drink or anything because I never cared enough to. I don’t really see any point. Unless you count Fentiman’s Lemonade, which contains 0.05% alcohol (because I’m so edgy and badass).

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