It seems to me that lately I don’t really have much to say to anyone.

Looking at the chat thing on facebook, there are around 10 people who I would probably have chatted with but I seem to be getting worse and worse at making small talk. It worries me a bit though, as I’m obviously not reaffirming my friendships and thus may lose them.

I also notice that the ten people I would chat to are only a percentage of the “friends” who are online, and the other people, I have quite likely only spoken to once or twice before. How utterly, bizarrely pointless. Facebook is quite depressing, I must say.

As I said, I don’t really feel the need to share much, anymore. I am oddly content with my own thoughts, and hardly even felt the need to write this buuut I know that if I stop then I’ll just keep putting it off and then, failure…

So yes. I like being quiet and am happy enough with my own company.

Most of the time anyway.



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4 responses to “Anti-talkative

  1. tridecalogism

    I joined facebook recently. Thought it might help improve my social skills, stay in the loop. I’m not sure it’s working.

  2. Haha at first I thought it was great, now it just depresses me… I am considering joining the growing number of my friends who have escaped. I do not believe I shall manage that as I find it so handy for overseas friends.

    Aaah! I just looked directly into my lamps light bulb for some reason and it was far brighter than I would have expected if I had thought… My eyes feel damaged :/

  3. I think this happens to everyone. Like when I first got a Blackberry because of BBM I use to talk a lot of people so I would have like 15-20 chat boxes open every day. Now it barely reaches even 10.

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