The thing about spoons, right?

So I guess if you know anything about me, you have realized that I am amazing, and basically, kick ass.

I do not think you comprehend the full extent of my delicious range of talents.

I made sandwiches, and not only are they amazing and yummy, but I made them with a SPOON.

Now I await your applause.

Thank you, thank you.

If you wish to inquire as to why I would do such a thing… The condiments and lettuce and such were on the table and that is when I realized the only utensil within reaching distance was a teaspoon.

There was obviously only one possible action then.

And the sandwiches were made.

Have you even done anything of a similar nature?



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5 responses to “The thing about spoons, right?

  1. tridecalogism

    Duuuuuuude! Spoons are awesome! (Especially rusty ones, if you like Salad Fingers). You are the most awesome human being EVER!

  2. Ahaha, my friend can do this incredibly freaky imitation of that and sometimes creeps up behind me going “I like rusty spoons” 😀
    Why thankyouthough 🙂 Have you ever used a spork? O.o

  3. tridecalogism

    From the nonsense poetry of Edward Lear!

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