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The Leaving Certificate

In June, 2013, I will sit down and puke a load of facts and memorised phrases onto State Examinations thick yellow paper, and thus determine how my life will unfold.

Everyone is telling me to be calm and to try to avoid getting stressed so much that I feel like maybe I should be a little bit more stressed than I am. Because I am not stressed. I’m so blasé and chilled out that it’s almost alarming; I should be bothered, more than I am- I should be bothered.

I just can’t seem to find it in me to worry about it at all. It’s all quite abstract to me, this idea of a few exams having such importance. The thing is, I know that even if I don’t put any effort in at all, if I stop doing all my homework, if I do not study, the only subject I might fail is maths. But if I were to give up on my Leaving Cert in that way, then I would move from honours maths to ordinary level maths, which I presumably wouldn’t fail. Because as of now, I’m doing honours for all of my subjects.

It’s not like I’m not ambitious, I’m actually hoping to get better results than probably most of the country. But hoping is all I’m doing: I’m not doing anything proactive at all…

The only nervousness I feel is about my lack of nervousness, which is O.o 


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Celery a.k.a. being awkward in school

I have tried to bulk my school lunches with healthy options instead of crisps and chocolate, so I sometimes bring in a bundle of celery sticks, that I snack on throughout the day.

I was asked in Biology, by my teacher, if I was chewing gum. I wasn’t, I was eating a celery stick. I had to admit this in front of the whole class. They all laughed, teacher included.

She imposes a fine on anyone caught chewing gum, 10c the first time they are caught, and it goes up every time after that. So I suppose she could have thought that I was trying to avoid paying that, because her first response was an incredulous “Really?!”

I confirmed that yes, yes really. I blushed, much to my chagrin.

“That’s not… specifically against the rules, but, heh, please don’t eat in class.” She could not hide her amusement.

Well. I have concluded that I blush far too readily.

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The treacheries of sleep

I suspect this is quite a widespread problem but… I have this thing where I am really tired, but when I eventually get to bed, I can’t sleep.

It’s not only that really: my whole sleeping pattern is fucked up. On an average school night I get 4-6 hours sleep, and 6 makes me feel proud- I automatically check how long I will get to sleep before I go to bed. Then on the weekend, it depends where I sleep. If I stay at some one’s house, after a night out, with nothing to do the next day… I might get 15 hours of sleep. It’s quite annoying really, and has resulted in me missing my lift home a couple of times (she drives back from work around 5pm). Then sometimes on the weekend, for certain reasons, I might not be able to sleep for a while, and then after that I feel like shite and have to rest loads.

Last weekend, I slept until 5pm on Sunday and then tried to go to bed again at 12, having school the next day. That didn’t work….

Today, I got home and I went upstairs to my room. I planned on reading a book because I haven’t been doing much of that recently. I was unable to though. I had figured that I had a lot of time because I hadn’t much homework and I wasn’t cooking dinner, nor was I painting. Instead, I got into bed, made a playlist for a couple of hours, and lay there in a stupor while it played. I wasn’t asleep because I didn’t want to give up on my plan of reading. But I wasn’t awake because I dreamt. I think I sort of half slept. It was rather unsatisfying, really. It happens regularly though, that I sacrifice my after-school time to sleep.

Right now, it’s heading towards 1 am. I got up from my “rest” at around 10, read my book. But because I’m so used to going to bed at later times, I was in no hurry to do stuff like make my lunch, because it didn’t sound late to be starting something, to me. I know that when I eventually do go to bed, I will most likely lie in the dark, listening to music, unable to sleep for a while, despite being wrecked. That’s generally what  happens.

Why can I always sleep when I want to do stuff, and not when I want to?

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Lads, versus “The Lads”

Well there are guys, men, males, boys, bastards… I call them lads. And there are friends, I call them the lads. There can be confusion regarding my definition because sometimes one of the lads turns out not to be, he turns out to be just another guy. Sometimes a lad can join the group of the lads.

It’s nothing official though, but it is quite select. The group varies depending on who you are with. The lads are the guys I’ll call up to ask if they’r up for a camping trip. Lads are guys who’ll call me up asking if I want to sleep in their tents.

The lads are all males. That would have been inherently suggested in the label, but I am friends with girls too, and go camping with them. It’s just that I often get on better with guys as they’re not all drama drama, and they’re better for the craic.

Btw, if you’re not Irish and you don’t know what “the craic” is, damnit don’t ask me for I haven’t a clue. As some one on one of the sites I looked at trying to find a definition for it said “You can’t define it. It’s just something which happens. It’s organic. It depends on what is happening, where you are and who’s there.” It’s probably best you googled it yourself and got an idea of what it was from the many, many descriptions.

Anyway, I was inspired by a post of Freshest15’s (go here to read it) to think about my standards with guys. The truth is, really, I used to be a slut. That’s bluntly put, but then I was an idiot. I regret it now because even though I (like to think I) have changed, people don’t respect that. I wasn’t a slut except out of ignorance and stupidity, and overindulgence in relation to the consumption of alcohol and… Such. And they were always so surprised when I said I was a virgin. So fucking surprised.

I was pretty naive, for a slut. The thing is, I would fall for anything. I suppose I believed in the general “goodness” of everyone. If a lad told me he was cold and put his hands on my waist, inside my top, I would remind him that it was just because he was cold, and that was all. And then they would offer me a drink, or two or three. It’s amazing how generous people are, when they want something, isn’t it?

They will try to lure you away from people, not in a rapist sort of way, just.. Well yeah sort of, except I would be too drunk or too worried about what/whoever it was we had to “go and find” and then… Woop, they’re all over me. Because they like their privacy, they do. And I didn’t see, didn’t see for so long that when a guy asks you to go somewhere alone with him, it’s not an innocent request.

This one time, this guy was being actually ridiculous… They never actually want to force you to do anything of course, but as long as they can act like they’re joking then they wont feel bad. He would pick me up, throw me over his shoulder, and carry me outside… Literally. And we were laughing so no one minded. But then I would hit him till he let me go, go in, make a friend sit by me, and he would push in between us.  When it became clear I wasn’t going to “go outside for a walk” he started trying to get me under a pillow, to make out. Literally. A fucking pillow. He held it over his face, and tried to convince me to listen to something he had to tell me, under there. Yeah fucking right.

I’ve also learnt that if I guy says he’s cold, let him stay that way. His concept of “warming up” isn’t as go-sit-by-the-campfire as yours.

What got me out of being a slut, really, was not drinking for a while. After the whole C and I debacle, I gave up drinking because I never would have cheated if I hadn’t been drunk. And I guess that made me open my eyes a bit as lads would still hit on me, thinking I was drunk, and I would just see with a clear mind how sleazy they were, how much I didn’t want to be there, how absolutely un-genuine their words were. So now even when I’m off my head, I try to think about it as if I was sober. I do like to have fun, of course, and it can be fun to flirt and mess around, but I get so sick of it sometimes.

Obviously, all that is stuff that one of the lads would never do. The lads might give me a few bruises, might pull some practical jokes on me, might tease me but shit. That’s so much more fun than fending off some slimy guy all night. The lads are my actual mates I guess, and I love them, so I do. It can be so much of a relief to get away from girly drama and male flirting and all that shit and just chill out.

Hope all of you have some people like that, I have so much love and respect for them.


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Selfish altruism

It’s really quite frustrating, how selfish people are. I don’t have a particular example in mind, I just find it hard to think about.We have evolved to be this way, I guess.

People who sacrificed their own selves or needs for others were not helped by those who helped themselves. Thus, people who helped others got no support, while people who looked after themselves first got twice the everything. Which means they had a better chance at surviving and reproducing etceteraaa… We are what resulted. Real altruism doesn’t seem to exist.

I’m not trying to be depressing but it just seems a bit crappy, I wish people would think about others more… I’m not saying that I am an amazing example of that but I think it’s something we could all work on: making other people happy before ourselves. Imagine if everyone helped everyone over themselves.

Share the..Everything. Everything good 🙂

Think of it: You’re the only person working for your own gain, in competition with those around you. Now think of this: Everyone is working for everyone else’s gain, thus you are helped by everyone you meet, and you help everyone you meet.

It’s a ridiculous idea of course, there are people who want power, there always are. I see this desire for power as the root of all our problems. Whether it’s power over money, resources,  or people, it can be linked with all the wrong done in this world.

It just struck me, while I was in bed the other night, how stupid I was being: feeling upset over some petty thing in my life that went wrong… While there are people out there DYING because they haven’t got enough to eat. Food- it’s something I assume will be available for me whenever I want it. I don’t even assume it really, I hardly think about it. It’s just there, and I get annoyed if my mother takes too long making it. This just seemed to me to be ludicrous because while I’m whining at her to hurry up, there are people who haven’t eaten in far longer than me, there are little children dying of starvation. Here I am, complaining about putting on weight because I eat too much crap. I should appreciate it more.

Dead Kennedys are goood btw 🙂

It seems so stupid, so retarded and wrong, that these problems exist after having been around for so long. There’s all this fighting and war and conflict, and there are babies without clean water to drink. Shouldn’t we sort out our priorities? I tried writing a list of 100 things to accomplish by this time next year and I added “Donate to a charity” today. I keep thinking to myself “But it’s not like I’m going to be able to give much, I’m broke enough anyway, it wont make a difference”, but if enough people do the same then it will make a difference. So you should do something too! Love other people more than your own needs 🙂

Imagine if all the money spent on cigarettes was spent on helping others instead of harming ourselves. Imagine if all the money that teenagers like me spend getting off our heads on the weekend was donated to a good cause. Instead of complaining about homework and parents and exams we should be appreciating our education and all that we have. Damnit my generation is full of idiots 🙂

As is the rest of the world. Power is chosen over life, over the life of a stranger, or a million strangers. Imagine if that could be changed.

Imagine if we could have peace and an end to all this death and hunger and just all be happy.

As I’m sure I’ve said, “imagine” is a big part of my life.

But just… Imagine it.

Giving the Good Day Fish to people could help? Well, with the sharing of happiness maybe..



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The thing about spoons, right?

So I guess if you know anything about me, you have realized that I am amazing, and basically, kick ass.

I do not think you comprehend the full extent of my delicious range of talents.

I made sandwiches, and not only are they amazing and yummy, but I made them with a SPOON.

Now I await your applause.

Thank you, thank you.

If you wish to inquire as to why I would do such a thing… The condiments and lettuce and such were on the table and that is when I realized the only utensil within reaching distance was a teaspoon.

There was obviously only one possible action then.

And the sandwiches were made.

Have you even done anything of a similar nature?


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It seems to me that lately I don’t really have much to say to anyone.

Looking at the chat thing on facebook, there are around 10 people who I would probably have chatted with but I seem to be getting worse and worse at making small talk. It worries me a bit though, as I’m obviously not reaffirming my friendships and thus may lose them.

I also notice that the ten people I would chat to are only a percentage of the “friends” who are online, and the other people, I have quite likely only spoken to once or twice before. How utterly, bizarrely pointless. Facebook is quite depressing, I must say.

As I said, I don’t really feel the need to share much, anymore. I am oddly content with my own thoughts, and hardly even felt the need to write this buuut I know that if I stop then I’ll just keep putting it off and then, failure…

So yes. I like being quiet and am happy enough with my own company.

Most of the time anyway.


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