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Celery a.k.a. being awkward in school

I have tried to bulk my school lunches with healthy options instead of crisps and chocolate, so I sometimes bring in a bundle of celery sticks, that I snack on throughout the day.

I was asked in Biology, by my teacher, if I was chewing gum. I wasn’t, I was eating a celery stick. I had to admit this in front of the whole class. They all laughed, teacher included.

She imposes a fine on anyone caught chewing gum, 10c the first time they are caught, and it goes up every time after that. So I suppose she could have thought that I was trying to avoid paying that, because her first┬áresponse was an incredulous “Really?!”

I confirmed that yes, yes really. I blushed, much to my chagrin.

“That’s not… specifically against the rules, but, heh, please don’t eat in class.” She could not hide her amusement.

Well. I have concluded that I blush far too readily.


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